What are we doing differently since Covid-19?

  1. Patients are pre-screened for appointments regarding any COVID symptoms when we confirm
  2. Every patient and employee have their temperature taken upon arriving at the office. Then
    washes their hands.
  3. Air purifiers with HEPA filters are running in every room.
  4. Windows remain open to allow fresh air to enter the office.
  5. Patients are not kept sitting in the waiting room. We seat you in a treatment room as soon as
    you finish washing your hands.
  6. We continue to use all Universal Precautions on all patients. We steam sterilize all non-
    disposable instruments and test our sterilizers every week to make sure they are working

Looking for a dentist in Jamaica Estates? Look no further.

Our Jamaica Estates Dentist Dental office has served the Jamaica Estates Dentist communities for over 25 years. We have treated the children who have now grown up to be our adult patients and we have treated their parents, who have become our valued seniors.  Now we are treating a new generation of children….and so the cycle continues.  At our facility, you will find complete General Dentistry. We provide root canals from start to finish, periodontal services (gum work), as well as extractions, fillings, dentures, crowns, and bridges and implants.

Dr. Harold Biller is also a Jamaica Estates Invisalign Preferred Provider and can straighten teeth without braces!  Plus, if you’d like a brighter smile we have Cosmetic Dentistry procedures like are your Teeth Whitening and Porcelain Veneers. Call today and learn why we are the Jamaica Estates Dentist of choice.